Create business videos

to connect with people and increase sales

Is it hard to differentiate in your industry?

If you are in a service industry and struggling to make connections with people and get leads video will help you to be heard above the clutter and reach potential clients.

Book a call to find out the most effective ways to use video in your industry

Not all service providers are created equal,
it's your time to show the value YOU offer.

It's frustrating when people understand your core offering, but underestimate the value you provide. 
If you are an accountant, a mortgage or insurance broker, or a lawyer for example, people think they know what you do, but actually you offer so much more.

How can you communicate this?

Starting conversations is hard, people’s eyes glaze over when you say what you do. But the reality is they don’t understand how they can benefit from using your service.

Imagine if you were able to start building that trust and connection before meeting in person. 

That’s what video will do for you. 

Hear what one of my clients had to say...

"Red Feet Video created a video promotion for us. We had never considered video as a promotional tool, but after speaking to the Red Feet Video team we were convinced to give it a go. They helped us identify a unique point of difference to focus on, and we were blown away by the exposure it gave us and even now, months later, people are still watching it. We all feel very proud of this video."
Jacqui Less
Pakuranga Baptist Kindergarten

Use video to create connections so people choose you over your competitors

Stand out from the crowd

Build your like, know, and trust factor

Are you struggling to connect with your potential clients and form relationships that lead to sales?

It’s hard to start a conversation when you work in a saturated industry.  

Networking events, business groups and static marketing are great, but how do you move beyond your elevator pitch and really connect with people?

When you can’t even get people to have an appointment with you, it can leave you feeling disheartened, despondent, and lacking in confidence.

You have the knowledge to share, expertise to really help people, but you’re not a natural salesperson.

Create the opportunity for people to connect with you through video marketing

Create business videos

to connect with people and increase sales

In-depth planning to ensure your videos and business strategy align
Understand of customer behaviour and what videos create impact
Technical Video and Presentation Training
Carrie Harman, Local Videographer

Hi, I'm Carrie

I know how hard it is to have the opportunity to connect with people and rise above the noise in your industry, stand out, be noticed, and be heard. 

I understand that you are different to your competitor, even though your core offering may be the same. 

I specialise in bringing out your unique personality through video marketing, which enables people to connect with you and for you to share your knowledge and expertise.

After completing a degree in Communication Studies at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), I brought my visual storytelling skills to production roles in New Zealand and the UK, from Suzy’s World to Sky TV and the National Geographic Channel.

Now I have taken the best from all my experience and training to create Red Feet Video and help business owners connect with the clients they want to work with through video marketing.

I can work with you in a number of ways. You may want Technical Video and Presentation Training to DIY your own business videos. Or to add a professional touch to footage you have filmed yourself with my Editing Service. 

Alternatively, for a hassle-free option, book a Filming Day and I will fully produce your videos for you. 

I’ll give you all the expertise and support you need to ensure your videos are professional, create an impact and help drive sales. 

Whenever you are ready, here’s three ways I can help you…

Here’s how it works…

Start with a call

We schedule a call to discuss what objectives you want to achieve, what your skill set is, and which service best suits you.

Planning Session

Whether you are filming your own footage or preparing for a filming day, we always start with a planning session. This ensures your videos are aligned with the bigger picture of your business goals, your branding and messaging is on point, and that you are briefed of the technical aspects.

Let's do this!

Once I have your footage (either filmed by you or me), I’ll take the time to professionally edit your videos and add your branding elements, so that you can have professional videos to start connecting with people. 

If you’re like the clients I work with, you’re passionate about your business and you really want to reach your next milestone.


Whilst your business is doing well, you know that if you could get in front of more people, book more appointments, and grow your client base, you could be even more successful.


Getting past the elevator pitch shouldn’t be this hard.


Success is different for everyone. For you it may mean;

– Reaching your client target each month

– Having a business that supports you financially

– Enjoying the clients that you work with

When you move on from struggling to be different to your competitors to adding value, educating people, and creating videos that resonate, people will want to work with you.

Take the first step, Let's Chat

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Hear what one of my clients had to say...

"Carrie was amazing to work with! She took a very vague brief and some pretty loosely shot footage and turned it into a number of short clips that I’ve been able to use on social media. She got right to the heart of my message with very little effort or input from me. I loved the spin she put on the work she did. She was on the ball from the word go, and I’m looking forward to doing more work with her in future. I highly recommend her services!"
Brenda Wille
Blue Chair Wisdom

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Move on from struggling to be different from your competitors and worrying about booking appointments to adding value, educating people, and creating videos that make such a connection that people want to work with you.

“Hi Carrie, I am so glad I got you on board in the creation of my online meditation videos. Your investment in bringing my vision to life, has been both inspiring and gratifying. The quality of your work has yielded a fantastic digital product, for my business and clients. A heartfelt recommendation to anyone considering using Red Feet Video; I will definitely be using you again in the future.”
Shakira Quinn Fusion Therapy
Shakira Quinn
Healer, Fusion Therapy

Are you ready to start connecting with potential clients and taking your business to the next level using video marketing?

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