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Louise Deed is the owner of InDeed We Can, a company where she, along with her team of virtual assistants, support busy local business owners. They do this by managing tasks like book-keeping, digital marketing and other business admin. Louise knew she wanted to use video to explain what she does, but (like many others) just didn’t want to be in the video herself!

INDEED WE CAN: “Before I met Carrie, I had put videos in the too hard basket. She made creating a video easy and was able to take my somewhat jumbled, half formed ideas and turn them into a plan. She provided options that didn’t involve me being in front of the camera or voicing them. The video provided was superb!”

– Louise Deed, VA Director, InDeed We Can Ltd.


First, we had a content planning brainstorming session where we came up with a concept and solution to her problem which also fitted her brand AND budget. We decided on an animated explainer video. 

The result was a visually interesting video, that explains what Louise and her virtual assistants do, and also resonates with her audience. Louise has been able to use this video not only on her website, but in her e-newsletters and social media too! 

You can also check them out on the InDeed We Can Facebook page or Instagram and learn more about Louise and her virtual assistants on the InDeed We Can website.  

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