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Julie Stuart Clever Poppy Case Study

Julie Stuart is a “self-confessed lover of handmade DIY projects and the beautiful things in life”. Through her brand, Clever Poppy, she works with brands to create DIY projects that showcase their products in a creative and relatable way. Her speciality is turning their projects into inspiring content that can be shared online. And she’s good at it! Maybe too good, As putting all the content together was taking her away from the part she really loves. Creating the beautiful things!

And that’s where we came into it. Julie comes up with the concept and creates the DIY project. We then work with her to capture it all on video and edit together captivating content that looks great! Formatted and adjusted beautifully for each different platform required. 

We started off doing only the editing for Julie but now we film the content as well. Taking away the juggle of both being on camera AND filming herself, which she was doing previously. Plus it means an extra pair on eyes on the project during filming, a timeframe to stick to, and we have a lot of fun doing it. 

“I don’t know how I ever did it without Carrie! I used to spend a big chunk of my time and energy shooting and editing video, but now Carrie takes care of it all for me. It’s so great because I can now concentrate on the creative side of things which I’m best at, and she takes care of the videos which is her specialty. It has freed up so much time for me! I also really enjoy the collaborative way to get the work done, and it all works really seamlessly. Thank you Carrie!” 

– Julie Stuart, Clever Poppy

You can check out all of the videos for Julie’s projects on her Clever Poppy websiteYouTube ChannelInstagram (and look out for her IGTV videos too!), as well as on the Warehouse Stationery’s Inspiration Station!

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