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“Carrie is awesome, any video work you need, she is all over it and at a reasonable price point for small businesses. Our investment in Carrie’s services has more than yielded a return in new fees generated!”

Jason Topp, SMYD Chartered Accountants

Today I want to share the story of Jason Topp from SMYD Chartered Accountants and how he used consistent video content to generate new clients. 

Accountants are a dime a dozen, and it’s hard to distinguish one from another. But SMYD Chartered Accountants are accountants with a difference. They don’t just do your accounts; they make sure YOU understand your accounts and feel in control of your money.

SMYD Director Jason Topp knew the difference that educating his clients so they really understand the financials of their business could make in growing their business, that’s something he is really passionate about. Growing local kiwi businesses.

The problem was… accounting and financials can be quite boring, to all but accountants, and really, what small business owner has the inclination, let alone the time, to read wordy articles explaining the importance of claiming the current mileage rate, or what the difference is between a company’s annual return and your end of year accounts. You guessed it, not many! If any! And to be honest, Jason didn’t feel that excited about spending his time writing lengthy explanations either!

This is where video really comes into its own. And Jason knew this, and that video would be the perfect way to share his wealth of knowledge, but he felt overwhelmed at where to start. 

We sat down with Jason, and marketing manager, Leah, for a content planning session, where we brain-dumped ALL their ideas, then discussed different ways of bringing them to life in the form of videos. They decided that a series of videos, each addressing a single FAQ, or aspect of accounting was the way to go. These videos would be delivered as if he was speaking directly to a client.

Happy with their plan, and armed with some tips from us on how to capture the best-looking videos they could, Jason & Leah went away with a video plan they were excited about implementing.

A month later however, even though they had recorded their first four videos, they didn’t have any finished videos they were happy to share with their audience. Jason was lucky he still had a working phone, so close he had come to throwing it across the room in frustration while trying to edit and add their logo to their videos.

Cue another call to Red Feet Video. “How much would it cost for you to edit and brand our videos from us?” They’d seen the value in the time (and frustration) it would save by outsourcing that step of the process to an expert.

SMYD now has a steadily increasing catalogue of quality branded videos that they share weekly with their audience. They save themselves even more time by being able to direct queries to specific videos, rather than having to answer personally each time.

Through their videos they are able to quickly share new and important information with their clients, such as during the recent COVID-19 lockdown, when the government was announcing new updates and changes affecting business owners nearly every other day. Jason was able to explain in layman terms how these announcements affected his clients and what action they should take.

SMYD’s videos have also served to show Jason’s friendly and approachable personality. His clients feel they know him well, and can ask him anything and potential clients can gauge whether he is their type of person and if SMYD would be the right fit for their business.

Jason attributes their use of video marketing to a marked increase in new client enquires and a stronger relationship and sense of loyalty with existing clients.

Do you want to showcase your expertise and build relationships like Jason has? Get in touch today, for a content planning session, and we can get you started!

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