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Film Your Intro Video

I have a confession to make – I hate being in front of the camera! There’s a reason I trained in Television production, and it wasn’t to be ON television! My happy place is behind the camera, or edit desk. But, in an effort to set a good example and walk the talk, I took a deep breath, and got myself in front of the camera for once. And you know, it wasn’t actually that bad!

It doesn’t have to be hard work, or overwhelming, to film your own intro video!

Here’s how you can film your own intro video in five easy steps….

Step 1:

Put on clothes you feel great and confident in, throw on some make up and pretty up your hair. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, just what you would usually put on if going to meet a client or go out to work.

Step 2:

Find yourself a suitable location. Look for somewhere not too cluttered or distracting. Nature provides some great backdrops, but you can also find plenty of place around your home or office – a hedge, brick wall, wooden fence, plain or textured wall can all work perfectly well.

Step 3: 

Set your camera up, at eye level, on a tripod ideally, or if you don’t have a tripod, prop it on something stable. To get the camera at the right height without a tripod you may have to get a little creative – piles of books, a chair on table, recipe stands…

Step 4:

Frame yourself so you are slightly to one side (think about how interviews in documentaries look), but make sure you look directly at the camera lens.

Step 5:

Get someone to press record (or press record yourself) and go for it! Introduce yourself, then use your elevator pitch – pretend the camera is a person you just met at a networking event!


I personally don’t recommend trying to read off a script, sure, make some bullet points if you think you’ll get stage fright, but trust me, you come across far more naturally and authentically if you don’t simply talk, YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF! You don’t want to be worrying about memorising it word for word, plus people can tell if you are reading off a script.

Bonus tip: Do some basic editing before you share it.

  • Trim off the beginning and end, you know, the part straight after pressing record where you are wondering if you should start or not, and the end, where you have finished and smiling awkwardly, waiting for the filming to stop….
  • Add your business logo, and some relevant text if you can.


Send the raw footage through to me and I can work my magic on it for you. I love turning people’s DIY video footage into something are proud to post and offer affordable editing services to add the professional touch to your DIY videos.

I hope you found that helpful, and would love to see your intro videos once you have filmed it, so feel free to tag @redfeetvideonz when you post it.

If you have any questions make sure you get in touch, or leave a comment below.

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