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Keen to use video to increase engagement, build relationships and generate new leads, but don’t know where to start?

Here’s 5 easy ways that you can use video to start a conversation:

  1. Introduce yourself and invite people to get in contact
    (use on your website, as social media post, in stories)
  2. Send a video message
    (in response to, or as a LinkedIn connection request, thank a new enquiry or follower, welcome a new client)
  3. Send instructions, or feedback via video
    (showing a client how to do something, giving feedback or a testimonial, to touch base or check in with someone)
  4. Make a thought-provoking comment to get reactions and increase engagement
    (use as a social media post, send to your email list)
  5. Ask a question and invite responses
    (on social media, in your emails)

All of these videos can easily be produced with a phone, laptop camera or screen recording software, and need minimal editing, if any.

When used in combination with your overall video marketing strategy can help you to build that know, like and trust factor that is so important, and ensure you are consistently showing up for your audience.

Need some help putting your video marketing strategy together, or producing the videos?

We specialise in working with service-based business owners to enable them to use video, effectively and consistently, to build relationships, generate leads and drive their business forward.  We can support you at whichever step of your video marketing journey you are at, from concept and planning, through filming and editing, to how and where to use your videos.

Working together we make video marketing stress-free and achievable.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch and I can show you how!

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