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Carrie Harman, Local Videographer

Hi! I’m Carrie, Founder of Red Feet Video.

My mission is to make video achievable for small businesses. Achievable in time, achievable in budget, and achievable in confidence.

I believe that all businesses should be able to use the power of video to tell their story and deliver value to their audience, not just those businesses with large budgets.

Through a mix of workshops, editing only and full production services, I help local businesses craft achievable, consistent video content.

As a business owner, I initially sit down with you to create a content plan, then go through that plan and identify what you can produce yourself with guidance and support, what we will need to produce together and what you will need me to take care of completely for you. What you then walk away with is a ready-to-follow, video marketing plan, that is both achievable and consistent.

And it really is that simple!

Whether you are curious about how you could use video within your business, or champing at the bit to get started, I’d love to have a chat. Shoot me a message, or give me a call. I love connecting with other local business owners!

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