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Capturing your video footage is only the first step, what can really add shine to your videos online is some basic editing to polish them up…

Here are my Top Five Editing Tips to ensure your videos shine online.

Tip #1: Trim the beginning and end.

You know those parts where you press record, then take a few seconds to drop your arm and get yourself comfortable, or that funny face of relief you pull at the end, of the under your breath ‘stop recording’ you mutter to your assistant / wife / child when they haven’t realised that you have finished… Trimming those bits out will lift the professionalism of your videos just a touch.

Tip #2: Add your business logo for instant brand recognition

Place your business logo discreetly in one of the corners of your video so that it does not intrude on the action, or divert viewers attention from what you are saying, but allows them to instantly recognise who your business is.

Use the PIP feature in an editing app like InShot or FilmoraGo (on your phone) or Filmora, Premiere Pro or iMovie (on your computer).

Tip #3: Add some basic text 

Adding text to highlight key points or the names and titles of those features adds another layer of class to your video and helps with the viewer experience.

Tip #4: Add subtitles

Did you know that 85% of Facebook Videos are watched with the sound off? So you need to either pique your viewers attention enough with the visuals to make them want to turn the sound up, or provide subtiles so they can fully understand your whole video without sound.

There are now online platforms that can automatically subtitle your viewers (at a cost) for you – but make sure its your final version AND you proof read all the subtitles before you hit download, or you will be paying again to fix it.

Tip #5: Use some cutaway shots

Also known as B-Roll, cutaway shots can add variety and break up long sections of dialogue. They are also useful for covering awkard cuts you might need to make to the audio. Make sure your cutaway shots are in some way relevant to what is being said.

So there you have it, my top 5 editing tips to add extra shine to your DIY vides. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, or leave a comment below.

Whether you are curious about how you could use video within your business, or champing at the bit to get started, I’d love to have a chat. Shoot me a message, or give me a call. I love connecting with other local business owners!

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