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Pakuranga Baptist Kindergarten Case Study

PAKURANGA BAPTIST KINDERGARTEN was struggling to identify their point of difference.

Being fully involved in their jobs within the kindergarten it was hard for the staff to look at the kindergarten with an outside perspective. We worked with them to clarify what makes them unique and to identity the target market they wanted to attract.  Once they were clear on those things it was easy for us to produce content that showcased their uniqueness and to educate them on how to effectively engage with the customers they want to attract.

“Red Feet Marketing created a video promotion for us. We had never considered video as a promotional tool, but after speaking to the Red Feet Marketing team we were convinced to give it a go.  They helped us identify a unique point of difference to focus on, and we were blown away by the exposure it gave us and even now, months later, people are still watching it. We all feel very proud of this video.” 

– Jacqui Lees, Pakuranga Baptist Kindergarten

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