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Service Based Industries That Get Cut Through with Video Marketing

There is no denying that video is a hot thing right now when it comes to marketing your product or service. Consumers WANT more video content from the brands they follow and over 85% of consumers say that video content has influenced their buying decisions.

Some industries lend themselves to video really well, think visually pleasing products, interesting processes or amazing locations for example. If you are a service-based professional it may be harder to immediately see how you can use video to benefit your business.

But something that all service-based professionals have in common is that building relationships is crucial. As is the personality, and knowing that both professional and client have found the right fit for each other.

And that is where video is really powerful for these industries. 

Are you one of these five professions?

  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Mortgage Adviser
  • Investment or Insurance Adviser
  • Coaches

If so, keep reading as video is a great way to stand out from your competitors, educate your audience and allow potential clients to start building a relationship with you, before you have even met them!

Imagine if people KNEW your business, its values, your unique way of working, what’s makes you different from your competitors AND the difference you make in people’s lives, without having to repeat yourself over and over in endless emails, or have awkward telephone conversations or time-consuming coffee meetings where you know you aren’t the right fit within 2 minutes! How much time would that save you?

That’s what video can do for YOUR business!

Why does video work so well for these industries?

Becausevideo allows potential clients to start building a relationship with YOU, before you even meet them!  

1. Shows a personal side that people can connect with

2. Makes people feel like they know you when you show up consistently

3. Makes it easy for people to connect with you because you are there

For example….

If you are a Lawyer, through video you can easily share what your niche and specialty is, how you are different from other lawyers, and your clients benefit from working with you. Above all your videos will be show your personal side and that lawyers aren’t really that scary to talk to! At least not you.

If you are an Accountant, through video you can easily keep clients (and potential clients) up to date with latest changes, share the specific industries you serve, and break down mind-boggling accountant speak into language the rest of us understand. Above all your videos will show your personal side and that not all accountants are boring!

If you are an Insurance Adviser, through video you have the opportunity to educate people on the importance of insurance without them feeling sold to, and build your credibility by using sharing examples of client scenarios you have helped with. Above all your videos will humanise you and make you more approachable to potential clients when they are ready to reach out.

If you are a Mortgage Adviser, through video you are easily able to answer frequently asked questions, bust myth busts about the industry and provided timely updates on the current climate and regulations. Above all your videos you will show your personality and help potential clients gauge if you are the right fit for them.

If you are a Coach, through video you can easily explain your specialty and the type of client most suited to working with you. You can walk people through your way of working and the approach you take so potential clients can identify if you are the right person for then. Above all your videos will show your personality and make potential clients feel like they know your well before beginning to work with you.

But too many business owners put video into the too hard basket, not knowing where to start. So, here’s six video ideas that work for any service-based professional:

  1. Brand video on your website
  2. Intro video on the about page of your website. Bonus you can also share this on your social media, or in connection requests.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (answered 1 per video – that must give you at least 6 video ideas!)
  4. Case study
  5. Client testimonial
  6. Industry update

Need some help putting your video marketing strategy together, or producing the videos?

We specialise in working with service-based business owners to enable them to use video, effectively and consistently, to build relationships, generate leads and drive their business forward.  We can support you at whichever step of your video marketing journey you are at, from concept and planning, through filming and editing, to how and where to use their videos.

Working together we make video marketing stress-free and achievable.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch and I can show you how!

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