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Now you’ll have time to work on some of those things that you have been putting off because you were too busy…

I am sure everyone probably has a list a mile long of those sorts of tasks, but if you are looking for inspiration, here are the things that immediately sprung to mind for me (in no particular order!)

While I have of course included tasks that are video or content-related, there are plenty of other types of tasks on this list as well:

✔ Update your website content (and don’t forget to include some video!)

Bonus Tip: By regularly updating the text and visual aspects of your website you will do wonders for your SEO!

✔ Record that intro video you have been putting off!

Bonus Tip: Feeling daunted by the task? Get in touch, or look out for my 5 Day ‘Film your Intro Video’ challenge, launching in a couple of weeks’ time).

✔ Catalogue all those ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos and videos you have on your phone, but never got around to sharing. Schedule social media posts using them, add them to a gallery on your website, or store in a folder on your computer for future use. Then delete any that you will actually never use. Go on, your phone memory will thank you for it!

Bonus Tip: Wondering what to use all these photos for? Here’s a few ideas to get you started: Memes, ‘Sneak Peek’ or preview posts, client / collaborator shout outs, frustration/rant post, behind-the-scenes, throwback posts, posts to educate your audience, case studies, blog images….

✔ Upload all of your video content to a YouTube Channel. Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after google? And its my personal go to for any ‘How-To’ content. Don’t worry if you don’t have many videos, any presence is better than none, and really niched channels do better organically on YouTube than ones with a wide array of topics.

Bonus tip: Make sure you spend some time on your thumbnails, as these have a huge impact on whether someone watches your video or not, and the tags and descriptions, as search engine ‘spiders’ can’t ‘read’ video content, so rely on these text fields.

✔ Back up your important business files and content to ensure its not in only one place. Look into cloud-based storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox etc

✔ Get your biz finances in order and up-to-date. You know all those ‘little’ tasks you’ve been putting off – especially since it’s year end and all!

Bonus Tip: Need help?I know some fantastic accountants and book keepers, get in touch if you would like a referral…

✔ Put some systems and processes in place to make biz life easier when it returns to normal. Whatever ‘normal’ will look like by then! Things like mailing list automations, CRMs, Project management tools….

✔ Make an outsourcing plan – to keep on top of things when you ARE too busy to do them. Website maintenance, VAs, Social Media Content, Video Editing (wink wink! :P)

Bonus tip: Have virtual coffees with people you might consider using and get to know them now, instead of searching frantically in times of need.  

✔ Keep in touch with your customers / clients / audience, even if you can’t work with them right now. Ask them how they are, let them know where you’re at, and generally ‘be around’ for them. Remember that after this is all over you will need them again (and hopefully they will need you!).

Bonus Tip: Think about the type of email you’d like to be receiving at the moment, and the ones that have just annoyed you or added to your overwhelm. Write your email accordingly.

✔ Look ahead – plan out your next lead magnet / marketing campaign / 90-day plan now while you have the time.

✔ Do some writing and build up a library of blogs, articles or newsletters to use in the future.

✔ Repurpose any existing content you do have. For example, turn previous newsletters into blog posts or LinkedIn articles (and vice-versa), turn blog posts and articles into videos or a series of posts for social media, turn your FAQs into a series of blogs, videos or social media posts. You don’t need to be constantly coming up with new content if you are are smart and use what you already have within your business.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid of reusing content you have already posted. Reach different audiences by changing the image or sharing a different segment of the blog, for example, as different things will resonate with different people. Pitch posts different to attract people at different stages of their customer journey with you.

It’s time to flip our thinking on its head and look for all the things we CAN do right now, rather than what we can’t! (But do be realistic! And kind to yourself, Make sure you also take some time for relaxation and self-care as well while you can!).

Anything else on your list? I’d love to hear what you’re working on? Drop me a comment below or feel free to to get in touch if you need a hand with any video-related tasks.

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