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Video is a great way to showcase your business,  but it can be hard to know exactly what type of videos to use.

Browse our menu below for inspiration to get you started. 

Testimonial Video

What better way to sing your praises, than through the words of your delighted customers!  Testimonial videos are a simple and extremely effective way to show others the impact you have for your clients, what makes you unique and just how amazing you, or your products, are. The great thing about client testimonials is how authentic and genuine they are. 

Educational Video

Build relationships, add value, and educate your audience with simple videos where you speak directly to the camera, showing your personality, expertise and wealth of knowledge.

Great for: Service-based industries where what you do is not overly visual, and your point of difference is YOU and YOUR knowledge. 

Can also be used for verbal instructional videos.

Process Video

Videos of products being made, a transformation happening, a craft project coming together, or a recipe being made, are all great examples of process videos.

Equally great for when you have a product to showcase, as when you have a service that provides a transformation, such as landscape design or interior decorating. 

Can also be used to show the features or ways of using a website, or online platform. Can include the use of time-lapse or slow-motion.

Text Story Video

Share facts, statistics, tips, reviews, or accolades in text, on a base of moving images and paired with a catchy music track.

Great for both visual industries and those that are usually a bit dull.

A great way to show the features of your product or service, without having to be on camera yourself.

'Intro Me' Video

Introduce yourself to your audience and let them get to know, like and trust you, in a fun way.

Combine both a verbal introduction with fun captions so that even those who watch videos with the volume off (more than you would imagine!) can get to know you. 


Mini Brand Video

Give your audience a visual look into your brand.

An individual video up to ~2minutes incorporating both interview/pieces-to-camera footage and relevant cut away shots or stock footage.


Instructional Video

For those processes that are easier to explain visually than in text and for those people who learn better by watching than they do by reading, an instructional video is perfect.   

Combine both verbal instructions, either straight to the camera, or as voice over, and as titles to give your customers step-by-step instructions on how to do something. 

Great for anything that you frequently find yourself answering, and to complement any written ‘How-to’ guides you may already be using. 

All the above videos can be produced either via our Made for You Marketing Videos service, or our Professional Video Editing service with footage you provide. We offer guidance and support to enable you to capture your footage, to ensure your final videos are of high-quality and do your brand justice.

Feeling inspired? Keen to get started using video to grow your business?

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