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Videos to make that don't feature your face

Video is a hot thing right now. We all know that. It’s been one of the hottest trends in digital marketing for the past couple of years, and just getting hotter.

You have probably been told at some point that you ‘should’ do video, as it’s a great way to authentically reach and connect with your desired audience and make an impact online. 90% of consumers say videos help them make buying decsions (Source: Hubspot)

With that in mind, and considering how easy it is for businesses of ALL sizes to use video these days, TECHNICALLY speaking, using video to grow your business is a no-brainer. BUT ACTUALLY PUTTING YOURSELF ‘OUT THERE’ on video can still be pretty darn scary! Especially for us introverts, or those afflicted by Tall Poppy Syndrome…

The good news is, YOU DON’T HAVE TO be in your videos, if YOU don’t want to! There are plenty of ways to use videos to grow your business without featuring YOU.

Read on for 7 videos types that you could consider, that will still help to drive your business forward, without featuring your face!


Also sometimes called ‘Whiteboard’ or ‘Explainer’ videos. This type of video can be pretty fun and help your brand stand out while also getting your message across. They generally feature a character going on some sort of transformation or journey (aka your ideal client and the change they will experience working with you) or their ‘Why’ for working with your business.

The videos that we created for Offshoot Wipes and InDeed We Can, are two examples for how two different businesses have used animated videos.

Animated videos can also be great for explaining a process that is difficult or too wordy to explain in text.


Having your clients sing your praises on video is a really great way to highlight the benefits, advantages, and delights of working with you, in an authentic way. Ask your client to film a short snippet themselves (get them to read my tips of capturing good footage first!) or organise for me to pop round and film them for you.

The client in this testimonial video we put together for Fusion Therapy, filmed themselves after attending one of my video workshops. They then sent me the footage to edit into a high quality branded video.

And here’s another example where I turned a clip filmed by a client into a branded testimonial for them.


Show us one of your products in use! This could be customer-generated content (filmed by them, receiving or using your product), or something you set up and film yourself. Make sure you add your branding, and some simple captions so viewers know where they can get the amazing product they have just seen in the video!


Videos of products being made, a transformation happening, a craft project coming together, or a recipe being made, are all great examples of videos showing a process. Hands up who has been able to continue scrolling when a video like this has appeared on their feed? Play with the speed of the video, both speeding up and slowing down, to keep the viewers interest, and highlight interesting or important parts.

Stop-Motion is another fun, attention grabbing way to show a process or project unfold.


Us humans are curious creatures, we love to know what’s going on in other people’s worlds. So give us a tour of your office, or working space, walk us through a process you do regularly, show us your production line in action or what it’s like to work with you. Even things as simple as your view for the day, or your office pet, or even what you do in your spare time can be interesting video topics, especially on Stories.


Is something you do quite amazing? But boring to watch in real time? Timelapse videos are a great way to show transformation, in a captivating way.

When the new Red Feet Video office arrived, we could have simply posted a photo of ‘Our New Office’ but actually it looks quite boring from the outside! So instead we made a timelapse video of the office arriving on-site, and being craned into position, OVER our garage! That video got far more engagement than a photo would have.

Here’s another example for you that Collette, from Supreme Organising made, after attending one of my 1:1 technical tips workshops. Collette helps ‘Messies become Tidies’ and wanted to show the transformation of her overcrowded garage, into a garage she could park two cars in. Cue a timelapse video to transform something long and boring into something short and attention grabbing!

Was the car windscreen a bit icey this morning?I can come and help sort that garage, or I can teach you The 90 Min Method and you can do it yourself.

Posted by Supreme Organising Limited on Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Take a short, important / interesting / unknown piece of information (relevant to your business!), an image, or simple video clip and a piece of music. Put them together with the text appearing over time and you have yourself a quick video. Yes you could have just used the static text and images, but moving image is far more effective at ‘stopping the scroll’!

So there you have it! Seven different types of video thathat YOU don’t HAVE to be in! Which type is your favourite? Which ones do you think could work for your business?

All of the videos featured in this blog were edited by Carrie (Red Feet Video), with the exception of the Supreme Organising Timelapse video. Some of them were also filmed by us as well.

Do YOU need some help creating YOUR videos?

Whether you’re technically-challenged, time-poor, or cost-conscious, get in touch to chat about the range of services Red Feet video can offer.

– Full Video Production (I plan, film, edit and deliver you high quality videos)

Editing Only (You film, I edit and deliver you high quality videos)

Coaching services (I support you to upskill in the areas you want to so you can DIY your own videos)

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